Fruit Fly Traps

  • Easy to Use
  • Disposable
  • Resealable
  • Non-Toxic

Retailer FAQ

We sell groceries - not usually traps - why should we carry them?

At least three very good reasons. First, the grocery stores that carry them now love them - they rave to us about how people drive across town just for the traps, and are thrilled with how quickly these little traps sell. Second, and also important, the customers have spoken. It took us by surprise as well, but the #1 place that consumers wanted to find our traps was at their grocery store. Third is demographic fit. Those most likely to purchase our traps are the ones responsible for maintaining their household, namely the same people who buy groceries.

Where is the best place to put them in our store?

Put our attention-getting counter display case in high traffic areas. Our traps can be treated as an impulse-buy item, priced as we suggest at $4.99. Near the till, aisle ends, etc. Why? Unlike ant traps, for example, most people don't know that fruit fly traps even exist. If you put them in with other pest control measures, people won't know to go there to look for them. However, market tests show that when people see them, their purchase response is good. Show them, and they will buy.

Can we put the traps next to foodstuffs?

Indeed you can. Our traps are completely non-toxic. They will never poison anything they are placed near, even if deliberately opened and spilled.

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