Fruit Fly Traps

  • Easy to Use
  • Disposable
  • Resealable
  • Non-Toxic


What are fruit flies?

Fruit flies (sometimes spelled "fruitflies") are also known as "vinegar flies", "pomace flies", "nuisance flies", "shoo flies" and even "sweat flies", but will simply be referred to as "pest" if you find yourself swatting them away. If you've ever left fruit, wine, or baked goods out for a few days (or didn't empty the garbage), especially if the window is open a little, you've probably seen them. If you left the food out a few more days, you've likely seen swarms. They are a tiny fly (for Latin buffs: Drosophila Melanogaster) which gathers on the aforementioned foods and are most recognizeable by their itsy-bitsy red eyes.

small fruit fly (vinegar fly) picture

Fruitflies reproduce very rapidly, so in short order you can have hundreds of little flies swarming around your food. They live for about a month, so if you remove all the food sources and make sure everything is clean but DON'T place a trap, the small flies will just disperse all over your house in their search for more food.

Where do Dead Easy Fruit Fly Traps work best?

There are several considerations when placing the trap. For best results:

  1. Make sure there are no other food sources around.
  2. Place the trap where it won't be disturbed.
  3. Place the trap near the concentration of pesky fruit flies.
  4. In large rooms, use more than one trap in different parts of the room.

For point #1 above, the bait is more attractive than anything you likely have in your home, but if you overwhelm their "noses" with other attractive smells, the fruit flies will have trouble picking it out.

For point #2, Fruit flies are nervous, and will tend to perch on the trap for a while before going in, to make sure it's safe. If you disturb them the fruit flies will go into flight and the trap will have to start over again.

How do the fruitfly traps work?

Once opened, there are several things attracting the fruit flies. First, the trap's colour itself is attractive to the fruitflies. For some 'sticky traps', the yellow colouring is the only thing attracting the fruitflies to it. More importantly, our bait, ounce for ounce, was more effective than any other fruitfly attractant we could find, including our competitors' bait. Once inside the trap, a small internal "gate" lets them in but makes it near impossible for fruitflies to find their way out again.

Can we put the Dead Easy Fruit Fly Traps next to food?

Indeed you can. Our traps are completely non-toxic. They will never poison anything they are placed near, even if deliberately opened and spilled...though you may not like the taste.

Are the traps safe for children and pets?

We recommend that you keep the traps out of reach. If they manage to somehow get the trap disassembled, then there is a small piece inside that could pose a choking hazard. The bait is completely non-toxic. Unless your child or pet has an allergy to one of the ingredients listed on the label, they could drink their fill of fruit fly bait (which would take a LOT of traps) without injury. If the bait gets in their eyes, it will sting - the acid content is similar to lemon juice, but not as strong as most vinegars. If this happens, flush their eyes with water.

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